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An introducion about this site (4 min audio) below.

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What can I learn? Whats available?

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Lose the fear and be heard ... and liked.

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Craft voice and sounds into music

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Improve through crafting written language

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Confidence through the way you move, dance or walk.

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Coming soon — A 'Daily Dose' of inspiration when you need it

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Coming Soon — Secret Guide To — Self Discovery Through Art!

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An Introduction and About This Site

This Month's Best!

Welcome to this site where you can practice self improvement and growth using the arts. But why using the arts? I'll explain a in a moment. Would you like more success in your life? Or perhaps a better job? More money? Be a better artist? Success, more money, a better job, a better artist all require the same denominator, the same common need. Problem solving. Successful people, wealthy people, career satisfaction and great artists all are very good at problem solving. Now since the key is problem solving, then what boosts your problem solving ability? Answer: your creativity. That ability to make or find solutions to problems in a new way requires practice. This site provides the tools and exercises to practice improving your creativity.

We use the 5 arts for self improvement and personal growth:

  • 1st Painting & Drawing
  • 2nd The Spoken Word -oration, public speaking, story telling
  • 3rd Music -vocal or instrumental sounds
  • 4th Writing -poetry and story writing
  • 5th Kinesthetics -Its not just dance but the manner in which we move and present ourselves in the world.

You can use any one or all 5 Creative groups to boost your creativity and improve your skills and mind to be better at problem solving.

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