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Inspiration and Motivation--Why do we need it?


This Month's Inspiration and Motivation

Inspiration and Motivation

An Introduction
Everyone needs it. After we have finished infancy when we are taught, disciplined or corrected it is through the use of Don’t versus Do in our language. I don't mean to exaggerate this at all, but what would middle school or work or your career be like if a dozen people earnestly would applaud or cheer for what you do? Every time you did something well? Didn't make a fuss if you made a mistake and encouraged you to try again, and better this time? Part of the reason that I have started this educational site, is providing a place where you can be a greater you. we all need inspiration and motivation and here at is a space where possibility takes the forefront, and you will hear me and others here say, “Yes you can. I have seen it, I have done it, and other have too. Hang in there, don't quit.” We have links to some of the most interesting talks given by teachers, businessmen and businesswomen, scientists, artists, thought leaders and innovators. Listen to one daily for a week and then watch your TV news to see the difference.

Here you can also receive a Daily Dose of Inspiration and Motivation, and share your experiences and successes here as well. And this is important, very important, a small success is ... a success! Whatever your motivation for creating a greater you is, the exercises you do here, and positive environment will foster your efforts. From tiny steps, over time will yield the large success. So I’ve your wondering, “Can I really do this?” my answer is “Yes you can.” If you’re asking yourself “How far can I go” my answer is “I don't know that, but I do know you wont get anywhere unless you start.”

So many people have inspired and motivated me, toward success and accomplishment that I want to share that with you. When I used to teach, I mentally prepared myself by asking this question, “Are you there for the students, or are you there for you?” In other words was it a job, or a space for me to perform to satisfy my ego and needs in front of and by the students? OR was I there for the students and their needs? Was I there to provide a source of experience or information so that they could achieve and use what I had to be more than they were, or even to build upon what I had to be greater than I am? The answer you give in that situation, or situations like it, makes ALL the difference, and when your students or audience see that you are there for them there is an very very different atmosphere. Most of my teachers when I was in grade school back in the last millennium, were just OK to bad, and when one day in grade school we got the one that was there for us, my life changed and I have dedicated it to being the same way for other students and people.

Is being positive and encouraging tough to do? Not if you mean it. But and this is a big but, we live in a negative environment if we listen to the media around us, friends and neighbors who are caught up in the negativity explosion of this decade. The news is not the news. It is very carefully selected, crafted and presented for its action, and impact to keep you watching, and watching the commercials. It must be sensational to get onto ‘the news’ and sensational eclipses a lot, and creates a very distorted world to our viewpoint. There is a wonderful moment in a movie I like quite a bit, called The Shipping News, where a new inexperienced reporter is given the task to write for a very small local newspaper for a town on the coast. The older veteran reporter is driving with the newbie and gives him a lesson in headline writing. They get out of the car and look into the distance at the town and across the bay the sky is darkening. “What do you see for the headline?”
“Looks like rain tonight.”
“No says the veteran, “Town threatened by storm!”
“Oh he says, and thinks for a moment and asks, “What if the storm doesn't come?” 
The veteran says without missing a beat, “Storm Spares Town!”

I think this begins to illustrate how it is crafted. Given the choice between three interesting stories on the news, an editor applies this test to see what gets on the air in that very limited time of the broadcast, “If it bleeds, then it leads!” If there is an accident or fire or police action, it will always take the time away from something dull’ like the amount of children born that day. Or the charity of an organization that pays the bills for a child, or a victim in a hospital. Someone found another small step closer to an understanding and cure for dementia, someone successfully finished their tenth year in business and sponsored an education fund, some family bought a home after being evicted and struggled back to financial strength, but this doesn't make it into the broadcast as ‘newsworthy.’ How often do you hear news like this. Pretty infrequently if at all. The truth is horrible things do happen in an absolutely wonderful world.

What I am saying is that there is an environment we live in of EXTREME negativity so being positive is considered now, unnatural or naive. To be positive doesn't mean living in illusion, its the understanding that even accidents, disasters bring change and very often good change. It may be a bit of an old example but one that I was shown in high school that I never forgot. A teacher pushed a glass, half with water, and asked what that was. I looked and said a half empty glass of water. Really?” he said, “I see a half full glass of water.” He continued, “So do you think that your perception of seeing what isn't there is as useful as seeing what is there?” In example, just recently there was an enormous hurricane that struck the US east coast. It created tremendous damage, people lost their homes, property was damage and some lost their lives. All true, but very little was reported on how few lives were lost due to the cooperation between people, governments and agencies. Very little on how people helped each other, cared for each other, and risked their lives to help each other. What I am saying is that its a half full glass but its tough to see when so much emphasis is on the empty part, the destruction.

Thats why we need to build a positive environment. Not to rule out the destruction and negativity, but to balance it and bolster our attitude. Embracing the ideas of “I can, I will, I’ll make” is far more powerful than “I cant” because the next words are “why bother?” All this is to say that we all need inspiration and motivation and here at is a space where possibility takes the forefront, and you will hear me and others here say, “Yes you can. I have seen it, I have done it, and other have too. Hang in there, don't quit.” A small success is ... a success! A positive environment will foster your efforts. From tiny steps, over time will yield the large success. So I’ve your wondering, “Can I really do this?” my answer is “Yes you can.”

If you’re asking yourself “How far can I go” my answer is “You wont get anywhere unless you start.”

Start here.

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Low Self Esteem into High Self Esteem

by Peter Grabas

Low self esteem
You were not born with Low Self Esteem.
One more time.
You were not born with Low Self Esteem.

Somewhere in your life you accepted this, probably because of some bad examples or some abusive human we trusted. Whatever. It happens. Their are tons of doctors, shrinks, and therapists whose jobs it is to dwell on why you got that way.

Not me.

I dwell on how to have High Self Esteem, bring it out in others and live my life so that all are respected by me, and expect respect in return. You can't be liked by everyone. Its amazing how many people try to be. I have often seen people who are liked by many, suddenly freak out if one vocal noisy person didn't. Lots of people like them, but the one that doesn't is the one they focus on. Don't reinforce the negative. HANG WITH THE ONES THAT APPRECIATE YOU.

If you feel like you aren't up to some standard, you can't do it, don't have the looks, don't have the .... etc., then you simply forgot who you are. When you were six, or so, you got up and anything was possible. You did things for the first time, and failed a lot and laughed while you did. But you eventually succeeded. Remember learning how to ride a bike? When you woke up you didn't moan about your tricycle having a flat you just got someone to fix it, or found something else to play with. Remember that you? It is still there. Probably sleeping from lack of use, but its there.

Lets wake that part of you up.

Like all people who ask, "How the heck did I get this way," or "How did this happen?" the answer is usually the same. Step by step.

Step by step, is how you get out too.

I have been involved in a series of courses, seminars and trainings on achieving success and wealth, and it surprises me, how much 'cobweb' there is in our heads that hold us back. Where does it come from? Once again, lets just recognize its there, and not dwell on it.

If you have low self esteem, reversing the self esteem is a matter of small steps that eventually become a habit. We are creatures of habit and we will repeat actions till they become part of us. This is just being human, whether you live where I do, or across the globe. The freedom in knowing that we are creatures of habit is --we can also CHOOSE habits we want. Habits come in three varieties, physical, mental and emotional. And they are all intertwined a little. Repeated action associated with a strong feeling creates habits very quickly. Low self esteem is a certain kind of habitual thinking.
If you have low self esteem, good self esteem starts with reversing negative thoughts. If you think about yourself, how often do the negative thoughts run you over like a truck? Try anything new and a host of negative thoughts run through you about why you shouldn't try it. Why its not good, why its a bad idea. Think about the future and if all that happens in your head is a list of all the things that go wrong or things that are going to go bad,then you my friend are ready for some positive thoughts. Negative thoughts are habitual too and you can reverse them. Science has been investigating human behavior and habits for some time and we discover more about ourselves all the time. We do change much more easily when the circumstances are just right. There has to be a physical action, a mental action and a strong desire. This combination 'greases the wheel.' Here is one example of how to reverse negative thinking based on using all three, a physical, mental and emotional.

Read this a couple of times, then try it, or listen to it if you are listening to the audio.

Wear a rubber band. Take a rubber band that fits comfortable over your wrist. If its squeezing just a little, you need a bigger rubber band. Hold your wrist up and think of that usual negative thought you'd like to do without, or if they come at you like hail then just pick any one. Yeah that one. Now pull the rubber band back a bit, and snap the rubber band so there is a sting. Just pull it back a few inches, don't be mean to yourself, but it hast to sting soundly. Treat the negative thought as if it could hear you and say "Thanks for the interest but I don't want you dropping by anymore." Then think about the feeling you had when something was good, succeeded or felt good. It doesn't have to be big, just vivid, a 'fun feeling.' Could be a simple coup of coffee you really liked or the feeling of that a greeting or hug from a loved one is like or your fist born in your arms for the first time. Whatever. Pick one you like a lot, or if they come at you like hail pick any one. Yeah that one. Sooth the part stinging which your fingers that you snapped with the rubber band, while you remember the 'fun feeling' and say the opposite to the negative thought. In example, I remembered someone who was really hurtful to me, and it just stuck in my head, and I started to get depressed. So out came the rubber band. Every time that thought came into my head, I snapped the rubber band spoke to that thought, "Thanks for the interest but I don't want you dropping by anymore." and imagined the smell fresh strawberry in the warm sun saying "Whats important is that so many people treat me well." while soothing my wrist. In a day it disappeared.

Just remember --we are not trying to destroy the wrist. Its just a little brief pain we need to have our mind associate that type of thought with pain, and the other thinking with good feelings. If you practice this for a couple of weeks you will find a difference in your negative thoughts. There will be less of them, or less profound in their impact.

What is happening here is that we are conditioning our minds that the negative thoughts hurt us, but we don't deny them, we remove their power by replacing them with an equally strong positive conditioning. In time you don't need the rubber band so much since you are in the habit of challenging and reconditioning your negative thoughts.

This is just one exercise. Consider the speed and power of your results using four or five exercises.

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