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Being a creative problem solver is the key. Study after study cites how much your mind improves when you perform problem solving in creative tasks as opposed to mundane. Creative tasks also subtly involve our emotions which boosts nueral activity and the impact on our physical brains.What we've found in neuroscience (the study of the nervous system and brain), and in the study of behavior is that the brain and mind are just like our muscles. If you exercise them, they get stronger, and the best mental exercise, creativity, yield the best results. Things that go on at a nueral level in the brain when we are problem solving through creative exercises far outperform mundane tasks of problem solving. Fuller explanations, both in video and text about this are available in the site. Remember that being a better problem solver is the key. Success, career satisfaction, and wealth are dependant on you being a better problem solver than your competition or coworkers or collegues. Today's job market competition, employees or buisness to business, no longer can rely on just being punctual, and good, you must prove your value to stand out.

Only doing a good job means you are like everyone else. But your value as a creative thinker to solve problems makes you stand out. I'm sure your own experiences prove the truth of this. If your an artist, or a creative, our competitive marketplace demands we have outstanding work, which inherently requires us to finding solutions to express inner thoughts into reality. This is problem solving in its purest form. I want you to be a better problem solver. This site provides the information, exercises, articles, tutorials including step by step, and materials you need to start your personal growth and creativity and I hope inspiration. Nothing would make me and my associates happier. This site, its lessons and resources are the fertilizer and gardening you’ll be doing on yourself. It is a compendium of some of the most cutting edge investigation and research on growth and development you could hope for. Information, tools lessons, games, coaching and supplies are available here. We also add our associates and their talents and skills to this mix for a comprehensive program if you wish to explore additional instruction and information.
But for a simple exercise that will show you immediate results, click the special offer in the menu.

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