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Music--Enhance your creative mind!


This Month's Self Growth Through Music

The Art of Music

An Introduction
Improving your mind through the art of music. This section enhances your problem solving skills through creative exercises of voice and instrument. Use your voice to sing or play an instrument to sharpen and enhance your brain with this rewarding activity. Do you sing or do you wish you could sing? Do you play an instrument or wish you did? If you can hum, you already have a good start! If you drum with your fingers or ‘air guitar’ to music you already are playing. This isnt a joke. Your actually doing ‘mental exercise’ that are very productive. That activity is very much part of the skill sets you need to make that leap into playing an insrument or using your voice. But would having the skill be enough? or do you lack self confidence to play? If all you want is to use this activity to spark your creativity you will be delighted here at where you can perform exercises that will improve your creativity through singing or playing. For those of you who need a little encouragement to start we have some confidence building exercises and motivation. Just remember the old vaudville joke of the man who is in the city going to a concert and doesn’t know the way to the building. He stops a man and asks, “Do you know how I can get to Orchestra Hall?” The other man looks at him and says, “Practice, lots of practice!” and walks away.

The humor underlies something profound but many just dont truly get it. Start using the instrument or start singing and keep at it. A friend of mine was playing guitar fairly well, and told me she had been playing guitar for a year. I said, your pretty good. “Thanks” she said, I’ve had a year of practice, but a year ago I really sucked. So what will you say in a year from today? Although our purpose here is to enhance your mind, the by-product of these exercises is a musical skill.

The trick is to start and and not quit, and our associates will make it fun to practice. Our musical associates are making musical exercises and tutorials to stimulate your mind’s problem solving abilitiy. We have a few exercises and supports to make singing or playing a rewarding experience, and soon you’ll improve. So try the free exercise and have some fun while your mind improves.

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