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Visual Art--Enhance your problem solving skill!


This Month's Self Growth Through Painting and Drawing

Visual Art: Painting and Drawing to Enhance Your Creativity

An Introduction
Would you like to use paint, to fire and expand your imagination? Do you have some drawing skill? Or have you ever said, “I cant draw a straight line?” We’ll you’re in the right place because your skills are going to get better. And by the way, about that straight line you think you need, to be able to draw ... good news—we don’t use straight lines! In fact you’re already skilled with the tools you need to draw. Here at Create The Greater we have two parts to painting and drawing: Discovery and Exploration. Discovery will be quite interesting to you since we will first unlearn what we think we know about our ability to draw and paint. Its a bit deep and you can find a fuller explanation why it is so, but you’ve been conditioned to think you cant draw well or that creativity is something you learn! Almost all of you have great hand skills with pencils, pens and crayons. Why is that? Because thats the first tools placed in your hands when your young and you’ve spent a great deal of time since then using them. OK not so much for crayons, but it would still surprise you how good you are with them. I’ll explain. Read more

Your Brain and Your Mind: The Conjoined Twins

in January
Next article is on the brain itself, how it works, and what happens during creativity and how that relates to the mind.

Where Did Creativity Go?

in January
Why schools and society have been squashing your creativity, hope about the future and what you can do to revitalize your mind.