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Writing--Boost your problem solving skills!


This Month's Self Growth Through Creative Writing

Writing: The Art of the Written Word

An Introduction
Writing is a powerful brain and mind enhancing activity. Crafting language into a story or finding the perfect word for poetry is a mental exercise that stimulates both brain and mind in dramatic ways. When we go beyond the basis of message writing, like texting what your doing or feeling, or writing a note to someone, the invention of a story or poem is a creative process that stimulates your problem solving abilities. When you create a story or poem you are bringing something into existence that didnt exist before. How you create the flow of words is problem solving of a high intensity.

When you write you are drawing upon many different parts of your brain and with intensity that a specialized brain MRI, a machine that creates images of what is inside your body, would show parts of your brain lit up or glowing. Whether you are interested in writing stories, or smithing words for poetry or just want to ramp up your creative process for other worldly skills, writing can produce unexpected results that may surprise you. Here at Create The Greater we have techniques and exercises where you can explore writing and stimulating your creative centers. Problem solving needs creativity. We provide the tools and exercises for improving creativity so try the first exercises, have some fun, and see if your surprised..

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